i want kids but im scared they’ll blame me if theyre ugly

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why do moms get so pissed about how many empty water bottles you have in your room 

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oh, you wanted the demons exorcised…i thought you said exercised…we’ve been doing yoga for the last week…



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Order of the Phoenix + blue

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THE INITIATION CHALLENGE → Stage One: Headcanon - by lovelytheo

↳ Tobias reads the first draft of Christina’s book. It tells the story of all that happened. She includes a picture and a letter she found which Tris had in her possessions.

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i don’t actually hate people it just exhausts me being around them for extended periods of time even my friends it’s nothing personal i just actually like being by myself yo

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teacher: why didnt you do your homework last night??

me: im trying to save my virginity till i get out of high school sorry

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textbooks attempting to be racially diverse will always be the funniest thing 

chow liung pao and shyniqua went to the supermarket

ϟ The Magic Begins Challenge: A Scene You Really Wanted To Be In The Movies, But Wasn’t

Have a biscuit, Potter.

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rip “can you please make the last ask rebloggable?” 2007-2013

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Game of Thrones S03E08 - Second Sons

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So today I went to the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards and Sam Claflin skipped by saying “sorry I can’t stop, I’m late and I’ve got to mush on through.”

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Make sure they remember you.

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 i found you a nicely apt description of what the fucking friendzone is


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