The 74th Annual Victory Tour

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Roses are white
Nightlock is blue
Its called Catching Fire
Not Hunger Games two

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The tributes inner thoughts when they’re being interviewed by Caesar Flickerman.

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AU: Katniss is captured, hijacked and rescued instead of Peeta.

When we enter the hospital, I’m directed to a solid metal door. “She’s in there,” a nurse says to me. “Take it slowly, okay? She’s been through a lot.” As if they need to tell me. I know what the Capitol is capable of. I nod, and push the door open. There, standing in the corner of the room, is Katniss. Her hair is tangled and filthy, and she’s wearing nothing but ripped underclothes. But she’s beautiful to me. I reach for her, but instead of running into my open arms, Katniss shrinks back against the wall like a caged animal, an expression or pure terror on her pale face. She screams. Her scream is so high and piercing and loud, it takes me a moment to understand what she’s screaming. “Mutt!”

She sinks to the floor, holding her head in her hands and shaking violently. I’m frozen in shock. The Capitol has turned her into a small, terrified madwoman. I try to go to her, to touch her, to calm her, but she screams even louder as I approach. 

“Katniss!” I plead, trying not to cry. “It’s me! It’s Peeta!” Katniss just continues to scream. Haymitch bursts in and starts dragging me out of the room. I struggle against him, reaching for Katniss. I shout to her that I love her, and I promise that I’ll save her.

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